How To Boost Mobile App Sales And Revenue During Festivity?

Learn the techniques that a business can make use of to increase sales during the festive season using mobile apps.

Published 10 Nov 2021Updated 10 Nov 2021

The mobile app landscape has transformed conventional experiences for millions of buyers around the globe. Right from shopping to travel, from reading to ordering food, the experience has made everything much more accessible and convenient. With rapid transformation at such a fast pace, how can festivals stay away from app fever in the world? Mobile apps are estimated to bring lots of business and sales during the festive season and the same is projected in progressive industry figures through the years. While in 2012, 328 million apps and games were downloaded on Christmas, the numbers shot up by 11 per cent the next year, and the same pace continues to exhibit in the app download trends. Here, mobile app marketing plays a crucial role!

Also, when it comes to spending during the festive season, Americans spend more than $800 on Christmas gifts alone. And the spending grows, year after year. Also, with increased penetration and accessibility of mobile apps, more and more Americans are resorting to purchasing online through mobile devices. About 76% of Americans chose to buy online using mobile phones during the last holiday season.

Mobile apps are a great way to increase the point of contact with potential buyers while being a great way for an eCommerce business to increase its revenues and boost sales figures. In fact, online e-retailers & websites. Mobile apps improve the online shopping experience for a consumer while improving sales figures for a business. Any business can leverage the benefits offered by mobile apps for improving sales and significantly improve revenues during the festive season. All one needs is a carefully planned festive sale strategy focused on the mobile revolution that is taking the globe by storm in modern times. There are many techniques that a business can make use of to increase sales during the festive season using mobile apps. Some of these include:

Introducing app-only offers & push notifications

The festive holidays are a great way to indulge shoppers through amazing offers. As the shoppers are in holiday euphoria, they tend to buy more than regular days. A mobile app can be a great way to engage shoppers looking for the best deals to buy holiday gifts. A business can make use of in-app notifications to remind shoppers about the holiday season and the benefits they can avail of by using mobile apps to shop for their favourite gifts. Also, mobile apps offer great accessibility for shoppers to shop anytime, making them buy gifts as and when they remember.

Using dedicated in-app offers and giving shoppers more and more reasons to buy such as offers, timely reminders, gift suggestions through custom in-app notifications. Launching a promotional campaign such as a holiday sale also enhances the scope of increased sales during the festive season.

Engaging buyers through relevant social media announcements

Planning a holiday sale is one thing, and making others aware of the same is a different game altogether. While most businesses resort to conventional mediums such as in-store branding and sale announcement, a modern-age business should leverage the power of social media to drive traffic to their shopping mobile app. One can create festive sale events and keep the buyers and prospects up to date about the best offers running over mobile apps. Being a convenient way of purchasing gifts for friends and relatives, buyers are likely to download mobile apps and engage with the same, improving sales figures during the festive season.

Use festive-themed visuals & content across app interface & promotions

The festive season is all about celebration and the essence of this should be reflected in a shopping app. Ideally, a business can engage more and more customers, if it uses festive-themed visuals and promotions, making individuals more interested in a business’s offerings. Also, using an app interface that depicts festive mood- creating specific Christmas, Thanksgiving & New Year Must Have Lists & Gift Suggestion Lists in-app can boost your app engagements, making users indulge more and more with the app, improving the prospects of increasing sales figures.

Promote & offer free in-app purchases to celebrate the joy of giving during the festive season

Festive celebrations are focused on the joy of giving and offering gratitude for everything special in life. So, why not offer gratitude towards your shoppers and shower them with free in-app purchases/promotion offers to make them feel special this festive season? A business can significantly improve sales if it creates festive-centric offers loaded with freebies and free in-app purchases to make customers come back to you with large shopping lists and larger carts. By making them engaged through promotions about freebie offers running on your apps on shopping, you can, in fact, grab a million-dollar jackpot by making them loyal and engaged to your brand’s mobile app, over time.

Being a business striving to increase sales in the modern era is a challenging task. But the digital platform, with a lucrative mobile app landscape, offers great opportunities for shopping portals as well as conventional businesses to increase sales. Intuz, a promising mobile app development company, helps businesses in increasing their sales and revenues during festive seasons through mobile apps. With an experienced team of expert app developers, Intuz has been instrumental in transforming the face of businesses by delivering 1000+ mobile apps since 2008. Intuz understands the changing business landscape in the modern era and offers exclusive solutions, tips and strategies to boost growth and improve revenues by leveraging the power of mobile apps.

Intuz offers insightful mobile app development strategies and clever mobile app promotion plans to make businesses take benefit of specific events such as the festive season.
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